Pilates Rehabilitation

Our modern lifestyle lures us into patterns of movement – hunching over laptops, sitting at desks, texting on mobile phones – that set us up for injury, headaches, muscle tension and pain, pain, pain. Through these patterns, some muscles go weak while others overcompensate. Over time, muscles not only change but, also, ligaments and bones move out of alignment.

Dr. Liz Giles, DC, working with client on the Reformer, which provides supported flexing and strengthening.

Dr. Liz Giles, DC, working with client on the Reformer, which provides supported flexing and strengthening.

As your chiropractor, I can adjust you over and over only to have your habits of movement pull you back out of alignment. This is where my trademark Pilates Rehabilitation Method comes in. This method activates your muscles, energizing each to do its intended job. Over time Pilates Rehabilitation completely retrains how you move. Muscle balance is restored. Efficient movement regained. Posture improved. Injuries healed. Pain gone.

Pilates Rehabilitation came about as a result of an injury that just wouldn’t heal. Over a decade ago, I injured my back in a motor vehicle accident (MVA). None of the standard remedies I tried – muscle relaxants, pain relievers, physical therapy – brought relief. Only after much trial and error did I experience that Pilates did. In fact the pain relief came so fast as to seem magical. That discovery set me on the path to developing this new methodology for injury rehabilitation.

Pilates Rehabilitation combines a chiropractor’s deep knowledge of anatomy, physiology and neuromuscular firing patterns with Pilates’ awareness of movement patterns. As your provider,  I know your pain points and design each Pilates Rehabilitation one-on-one session or class to meet your needs. It’s not for everyone, yet this more active approach to treatment is a powerful combination, one that brings lasting results.

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Pilates for Back Pain Classes

Beginner Mat Class Every Friday

Make your lunch hour work for you! Join this class every Friday, 12:30 p.m. - 1:30 p.m. at my SE location.

Got a pain in the neck? Sore back? Reset your body with Rehabilitative Pilates. In this small group class, we address the notorious culprits of back pain: tight hamstrings, weak glutes, and weak or tight hip flexors. The deliberate pacing of class makes easy for beginners jump in while remaining challenging for those experienced with Pilates. I limit attendance to six people. That way I can check in, see what’s up for each of you and then modify the exercises accordingly.

Your insurance may cover some class sessions because this Pilates regimen is for rehabilitation. If you’re under my chiropractic care, you may qualify under your physical therapy coverage.

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Pilates Location – SE Portland

Find me Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays at Portland Pilates Collective and Wellness Center in SE Portland.


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